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Hello All,

I started this blog to document my new home lab setup, specifically dedicated to running my own Private Cloud lab.

Within my lab, I will be running each System Center 2012 product (Operations Manager, Configuration Manager, Virtual Machine Manager, Data Protection Manager, Orchestrator, Service Manager, and App Controller) on their own set of VM’s.

I have a very specific plan that I will follow (and document), which I will detail at a later time.

But first, I would like to say welcome to all who are interested in following my efforts.

UPDATE: Hi everyone, since I have completed creating Installation and Configuration guides for most of the System Center products, I’m trying to decide what to focus on next.

Should I start on some deep-dives (i.e. with SCOM), or would the community perfer to see exam-based gudies (i.e. MCSE Private Cloud objective examples and walk-through)? Or is there something else?

I may post a poll with a few options, but I’m also looking for comments from the community on what everyone would like to see/find helpful.


I have recently changed the look of the site, along with converting the pages into posts to make it easier to share.

What do you think? Do you like the changes?

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  1. hey Adin, sounds very cool.
    I am working as a “builder” now. I quit the RSO job, and got an SO5. They are training me on ESXi (VMWare).
    But I am interested in cloud. so I will keep a watch on your blog


  2. Hey Adin,

    Great job on the blog! I hope everything is going well with you at the new job! Let me know if you ever need an Exchange/Lync guy, I will always be at your rescue.

    Take care bro.

  3. Yes, your blog has helped tremendously in me getting my System Center lab built for my MCSE exams. Thanks for the contribution! Best!

  4. Any possibility of posting lab tutorial on how to integrate App-v with SCCM 2012 R2 to use App-v Virtual Environment feature in SCCM 2012 R2?

    • Hi Ram. Thanks for the request. I will see what I can do. Any other suggestions that you think others would want? I’m trying to get more traffic for my blog, and I appreciate feedback and suggestions / requests. It might be a little bit, as I have to RMA some hardware from my lab. But I will add your request to my list.

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